International Students

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Student Visas

You must hold a valid passport and visa to live, work or study in Australia. To study you will require a student visa.

Student visas are only granted when certain conditions are met. A student must prove that they have adequate funds available to them while in Australia. This includes their tuition and the living expenses for themselves and for dependent family members named on the visa. As students only have a limited working allowance under the visa program, they must provide evidence in advance that they are able to adequately fund their stay in Australia.

Each student visa application is assessed according to an assessment level. This assessment level is determined by the:

  • Passport held
  • Visa subclass

For further information visit

For contact details of the Australian Embassy in your country visit

Some nationalities can apply for a student visa from inside Australia. Also, if you need to extend your student visa (for example, if you decide later to undertake further studies) you will need to apply for a visa extension several weeks before your current visa expires.

For information about studying at the Academy contact the WSI International Students Unit

For all matters regarding student visas in Australia, you should contact:

DIAC NSW student Centre
26 Lee Street
Broadway, NSW, 2007
(opposite Railway Square)
Phone 131881