Horse Care & Management

There are a range of careers associated with the well being of horses.

Equine and veterinary nurses are people dedicated to the care of sick and injured horses as well as as foaling mares. Equine nurses may work on a Thoroughbred stud farm caring for mares and foals or in a veterinary practice intensive animal care unit.

Equine Massage Therapists provide therapeutic massage for highly valued horses. Massage therapists require technical skills and knowledge of equine musculoskeletal structure, therapeutic nasage, biomechanics, myofacial release, acupressure points and aromatheraphy.

Farriers provide specialist shoeing and hoof care to horses. A farrier’s responsibilities include shoeing a wide variety of horses used in different equine disciplines as well as providing corrective shoeing for lame or injured horses.

“Horse breakers” are responsible for the early education of horses. Horse breakers who educate and pre train race horses plan the work program, teaching the horse to jump out of barriers and work around a race track in company with other horses.


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