Cadet Steward


This qualification reflects the role of persons who are responsible for organising their own work within known routines. Work responsibilities are undertaken within regulatory and integrity services operations in racing; a high degree of confidentiality and discretion is required in job functions.


Group A: Maintain and monitor OHS procedures and environmental work practices; Apply first aid; Achieve requirements for industry induction, Comply with the rules of racing and related protocols, Investigate job opportunities in racing and related industries.
Group B: Perform duties of cadet steward, Interpret wagering trends, Assess racing gear suitability and safety, Analyse race performance, Handle horses, Work effectively with diversity, Use business technology, Organise personal work priorities and development, Write simple documents

Entry Requirements

Year 10 or equivalent, or relevant industry knowledge and current employment as a steward by a recognised racing authority, or have the approval of a recognised racing authority. Students must be able to actively participate in the duties of a steward at race meetings, inquiries and non-race meetings.


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