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Racing Administration

Racing Services (Racing Administration) - Certificate II

This qualification reflects the role of employees who work under supervision in known routines but with a defined amount of responsibility and limited judgement. The employee works under the direction of a supervisor but is also able to act autonomously in certain situations requiring solutions to a limited range of problems or working as part of a team.

Racing Services (Racing Administration) - Certificate III

This qualification reflects the role of persons who are responsible for organising their own work within known routines. Work responsibilities cover general office administration conducted under racing-specific protocols and procedures. A range of well-developed skills involving judgement and problem solving with some theoretical knowledge is required.

Racing Services (Racing Administration) - Certificate IV

This qualification reflects the role of persons who are responsible for organising their own work, leading others, and planning for and carrying out tasks of complex and non-routine functions. Work responsibilities include the administration, event management and operations areas of racing.

The candidate is required to solve unpredictable problems by analysing and evaluating information, and to demonstrate broad knowledge in a variety of contexts. The ability to communicate with racing participants across a wide range of socio-economic and cultural groups is an important aspect of this role

While graduates may not be required to handle horses, employees with these qualification are often required to work close to race animals. For their own safety, the safety of others and the safety of animals, employees must be aware of potential risks and hazards associated with animal behaviour.

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