Breeding Courses
Breeding Courses.

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The horse breeding industry is spread throughout Australia and creates many investment and career opportunities in rural and urban communities. The annual breeding cycle of the industry enables Australian workers to obtain fresh opportunities in the northern hemisphere during the Australian off-season.

The skills and expertise of the Australian horse sector workforce are highly sought after overseas. The export of live horses is comparable in value with live cattle and sheep. Many go to New Zealand, Asia and South Africa.

The horse breeding sector involves the care, mating, raising, marketing and management of very valuable bloodstock.

Horse breeding requires competent and skilled workers, including stable hands, strappers and farriers to care for horses, supervisors to oversee stud operations, and managers to run business operations.

This course is for people wanting to work in the horse breeding industry in positions such as a stud farm worker.

You will learn about safe work practices and horse breeding practices, as well as selected skills areas which could include: cropping; chemicals use; livestock production; and infrastructure improvements.

What kind of work could I do?

Stud farm worker
Stud Manager


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