AREA continues to attract International interest.

Qin Yong

The Australian Racing and Equine Academy (AREA) continues to attract International interest, with Chinese jockey Qin Yong becoming the latest student to enroll in a course.

Yong has looked to AREA to refine and further his skills in the saddle, in the hope of becoming Australia’s first licensed jockey from mainland China.

The 28-year-old is in Australia on behalf of the China Race Club, and, the Club’s manager Tim Miller is hopeful that Yong will be the first of many Chinese participants to further their skills in Australia.

“Qin is our first and in the future we certainly hope to bring more Chinese participants over here to further their training and education,” Miller said.

“And, not just jockeys, but other members of the industry such as veterinarians and other participants who would certainly benefit from our industry.”

Yong has enjoyed successful stints as a jockey in China for over five years, and also enjoying a stint at Barbados prior to his arrival in Australia in July.

Yong said his training through AREA at Richmond College is already paying dividends, as he is put through his paces by Academy educators Tommy Peters and Tracey O’Hara.

“I’m really enjoying my training here so far,” he said. “The teachers have been very helpful and I hope it will lead to me riding in races here in Australia.”

Australian safety requirements and standards offer additional benefits to Yong, according to Miller.

“The biggest thing is learning that we ride a lot safer here in Australia,” Miller said.

“Our standards here will certainly make Qin a better and safer rider.

“We’re hoping for him to get licensed so that he does become the first jockey from mainland China to ride in Australia. That would be great for the China racing industry as well, as we look to help their industry become more self-sufficient.

“He really loves his training at Richmond and he is going through his gears pretty quickly.

“He’s a very confident rider we know that he will do well.”

Yong is currently enrolled in the Certificate III Trackrider vocation with AREA, which covers all aspect of the horse from horse handling to riding fast pacework.

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